Oct 8, 2020

Gorgeous Lakeside Wedding |BJ & Kelsey | Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

I arrived at Kelsey’s parents house around 2pm on a warm, cloudy day. The weather was iffy and we all held our breathes for the rain to stay at bay and far away from the wedding. Their home has been in their family for many years, first belonging to Kelsey’s grandparents and then her parents. When she was young, it was just their getaway home as they resided in North Pittsburgh, moving up to Lake Latonka and making it their official home, not too many years ago. It is such a beautiful lake front property, with large windows looking over the water. Reminded me of my vacation to Erie’s very own PUT-IN-BAY 12 years ago. Everyone is super friendly, wave as you drive by and gets around on golf carts. Literally so dreamy.

I was instantly greeted by Kelsey, her best friend and Kelsey’s parents who were over the moon about their baby girl getting married. They were so accommodating and helped with everything I needed. I was given a large bouquet of flowers to work with, which really came in handy as mom and I searched for a perfect location to hang her daughters dress. Of course, I used the lake in a lot of the photos that day, including as a backdrop for the dress; it was just perfect. We got Kelsey in her dress and walked her to her father for their first look. It was definitely a moving moment as she pinned his boutonni√®re to his jacket.

Once we wrapped up at their home, we headed 5 minutes north up the lake to the gazebo that they had decorated so nicely. Their guests were seated and awaiting the bride to start down the aisle. Their ceremony was short and sweet and ring exchange beautiful. It was perfect for outdoor vows.

We then headed back over to the short walk near the lake. The clouds began to swirl and create beautiful formations, creating the perfect backdrop to their formal photos. We couldn’t have asked for a better sky. We had fun out on the docks and along the water and took some pretty amazing photos.

Once we returned, we walked right across from the gazebo to their tent, where they had their tables and dinner set up and ready to announce them as husband and wife. They came in and sat down where the speeches were ready to be said. Kelsey’s father gave a beautiful speech to the guests, us vendors and to Kelsey & BJ. Im not sure there was a dry eye in the vicinity.

After dinner, it was time to cut the cake and get the family photos out of the way, before heading back into the gazebo, where Bj & Kelsey shared their first dance together. Once their dance was complete, Kelsey and her father began their dance, with the traditional father-daughter dance, but within 30 seconds, they kicked it into high gear with a choreographed mix of dance line dances and they pretty much nailed it; We all loved it.

Sunset wasnt on our side that day as we had hoped, but we still walked snuck away for some of the sunset vibe photos they were wanting. We caught some of the last bit of sun and orange skies as we approached the water and let them have a little bit of time together before heading back to the party. The began to rise and the temperature dropped as we all huddled under the gazebo with space heaters and danced the rest of the night away.

I loved every moment of BJ and Kelsey’s wedding day and wish them nothing but happy days and a future full of love and joy,

congratulations again,



How did you two meet? Online dating site

Where was your first date? At an IHOP in Greensburg

How did he propose? At the brides parents church

venue: Lake Latonka gazebo

Photographer: Ashwood Imagery

DJ: Dj D – no Greensburg

Rings: Zales

Caterer and baker: Weber Catering

Florist: Chrissy Rowles

Lake Latonka Wedding



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