Oct 20, 2020

Erin + Marleyna | Intimate Backyard Wedding | Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

Erin and Marleyna were set to marry in North Park back in May but again, we know how the story unfolds. They decided to hold off on their day and push back to January 2, a day that is slowly becoming more and more popular by the week as the day is 1-2-21, clever huh? But as autumn rolled in, they wanted to move it just one more time, and defy odds with the most popular wedding date I have ever come across, 10/10/2020! Thats right, the biggest date to ever happen for a wedding (in my personal opinion) had just opened for me, as mine moved their large wedding to next fall. Erin asked right in the knick of time and everything worked out beautifully for them.

The weather was seeming to be more on the iffy side and I kept cursing mother nature to hold off for a while so everyone with outdoors weddings could have their ceremonies. Mother Nature obliged and the weather was warm with a slight increase in humidity, but hey, this is Pittsburgh, we cant have it all. It made for beautiful grey and cloudy skies, giving us the perfect lighting for their vows.

When I arrived, I was greeted by Erin who was as cool as a cucumber. She had beautiful loose curls on her short bob and gorgeously glowing skin. I could tell she was super excited for this day to finally arrive. She was hanging out with her mom and sisters, waiting for the final hour to pass by to marry her best friend. I walked the grounds of the home to scope great locations to take them later and to hang the dress, which, this home and its yard are stunning, so it was really easy to find great spots.

I took Erins gorgeous a-line dress and hung it from the balcony, giving it a little air flow for a dainty touch for photos. Her flowers were so fall picturesque including roses and my favorite, sunflowers. She kept it simple and minimal with wearing her dress, a pair of white toms and her bouquet, it was beautiful.

Once we wrapped up with Erin, I met Marleyna outside who was in a floral goldish and black blazer, that had an amazing velvety texture and it suited her so well! Her eyes were bright and twinkly with a huge smile… I could see her nervousness through body language but that same bit of excitement was shining through. Once everyone arrived, we set them in the gazebo and began our first look with Marleyna and Erin.

We set them on the deck and let them have a few moments to see each other and begin their day. They walked together to their ceremony, hand in hand, and began their vows. I thought that was the most unique way of going into a ceremony I have seen to date. It was so romantic and intimate since they already saw each other. The vows were only short and sweet but the words were moving and sincere, with a rare dry eye to be seen. The vows wrapped up and we moved into the family photos. Everyone looked so dapper and pretty, so they were easy to get through.

Once they gave all their hugs and waved everyone goodbye, we began their photos in the yard. The yard is large with beautiful fall leaves and trees right now, so it wasnt hard to find spots to photograph them. They are such a fun couple who doesnt need too much prompting as they are so natural with each others affection. They made my job easy. We finished with their photos and added their dog into a few, who was not my biggest fan, but that didnt stop us from getting so many cute photos with her.

After puppers was taken home, we hopped in our cars and headed to Leogreta’s restaurant where they were having their dinner with their guests. It was a cute and quaint location set up perfectly for their intimate affair. I finished up with photos of their guests, their table settings and a final toast to them and their marriage.

Congratulations to the two of you and many, many years of love and happiness!



  • 1. What was the venue, in what town and what was the couple’s name (first and new Last? The Boyd’s Home. Phil & Cheryl Boyd. They are long time family friends, Phil married us, and they are also our landlord and neighbor. Marleyna & Erin Laney
  • 2. How did the couple meet? At Chipotle! We worked together for almost a year but didn’t start to date until after Marleyna left Chipotle.
  • Who Proposed and how? No proposal! We have wanted to get married for a while and were just waiting for the right moment in our life to take that next step. We didn’t want to have a “need” for anything and to be in a comfortable spot before we took that step. We got engaged in May with hopes to getting married a year later, the following May (postponed because of COVID)
  • 4. What was their first date? Movies! We saw Big Eyes. Marleyna insisted it wasn’t a date but paid for my ticket and all the snacks. She kept the ticket stub and we still have it today!
  • RECEPTION VENUE: Neighbors
  • COORDINATOR: Mom and Moms best friend Kathy MacMillan
  • BRIDAL GOWN 1 or TUX 1: David’s Bridal – DB Studio
  • OFFICIANT: Phil Boyd
  • TUX 1 or DRESS 2: Tuxedo Junction



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