Oct 29, 2020

Alexandra + Bryan |Phipps + Gateway Clipper | Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

Alexandra and Bryans’ wedding day was nothing short of beautiful. This couple is young, fun and had such an amazing and hilarious bridal party.

The day began at the Sheraton Station Square, where they would end their night as well, as it is feet from their reception location, The Gateway Clipper Fleet.

I loved the bridal suite they had for Alex, as it was large, bright and full of windows facing the riverfront. It was perfect for getting bridal party prep photos, especially those floor to ceiling windows.

The boys prepared on another floor, in the couples room they would share later that night. Both sets of parties made the day special for both Bryan and Alex, which made my job so much easier. They were pretty much down for anything we threw their way.

Alex had so many nice things for me to photograph, including some of the cutest shoes, beautiful jewelry and her dress that literally was made for her, I swear! Her and her girls wore matching robes and had a toast followed by her receiving her sweet gift from Bryan. Once it was time to get her dressed, she hadnt planned on doing a reveal with her bridesmaids, but us photo and video thought it would be a great idea and she was there for it! Once mom buttoned up her dress and the jewelry and veil were placed, it was time to show her off to her favorite girls… the reaction was perfection!

The boys left right around the time we were doing the bridesmaids first look, where they went to walk and hang out at the ceremony location, which was Phipps Botanical Gardens. We were to follow shortly after. The bus arrived and I have never been on a bus this large before! It could fit at least 20 or more people on it and the girls boarded, popped some bottles and we too headed for the real first look.

Once we arrived at Phipps, we headed straight into the outdoor fountain garden, where we were met by the guys and Bryan. We set Bryan up for reveal and had Alex walk into to tap him on the shoulder. They were not shy or private, so the entire party had the opportunity to watch from afar and I am so glad they were there. I did not witness a dry eye in the vicinity. They shared smiles, tears and laughs as they took each other in before we headed off to get theirs and their bridal party photos.

We already know how fun and amazing their group of friends are, so these photos were a breeze. They had genuine laughs, smiles and posed so well for us and helped give the couple an amazing album.

Once I was complete with the group, I sent them off to the ceremony and completed a few more photos for the couple alone. The weather was absolutely amazing this day and the skies were clear with a beautiful orange sunset falling upon us during this time. We caught some amazing light and color to go with their beautiful poses and interactions, but we had to wrap up fast as vow time was quickly approaching.

We let Bryan run off and Alex and I held back before walking into the ceremony location. Phipps Broderie room is absolutely beautiful for small ceremonies and I always love photographing weddings there. You can’t go wrong with it as the light falls through the ceiling and naturally lights the ceremony, youre surrounded by flowers and greenery and it is seriously breathtaking. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting a more intimate ceremony. As Alexandra walked down the aisle to Bryan, the sun began to set right behind them and the orange rays of sun were peaking through the windows. AH-MAY-ZING.

The ceremony didnt last all but 15 minutes, but it had moved the entire room. Not a dry eye in sight! They had spoken their own vows and exchanged rings, followed by the perfect first kiss that every couple should take notes on! Once they were announced, we finished family photos and headed outside to take just a few more fun photos before heading back onto the bus.

Once everyone had boarded, it was time to announce MR & MRS for the first time. Once aboard, the boat set sail and it was time for the toasts. They had the best man, 2 bridesmaids, a family member and the prayer. All of them were very sweetly said. We were served dinner buffet style and then into the cake cutting we went.

The cake cutting was so fun. They took their time cutting and then had some fun getting each other messy with cake. They are seriously so cute. They finished off with their first dance, parent dances and bridal party dances all before the party began.

While that was all happening, I was scoping the boat to find amazing city views from the top. I set up my lighting and brought them up for a few beautiful signature backlit photos. Once we were all finished, we were docked to let some of us vendors off before the boat set sail again off into the night.

It was such a beautiful wedding day and I wish nothing but the best for Bryan and Alexandra. Here is to many years of love and happiness for the newly weds and I hope I can one day join you in your next adventures…



  • 1. What was the venue, in what town and what was the couple’s name Ceremony: Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden Pittsburgh, PA Reception: Gateway Clipper Fleet Pittsburgh, PA Bryan and Alexandra Horchar
  • 2. How did the couple meet?We were both going to stay in that night, but we had a mutual friend at the time who was having a bunch of friends get together to hang out. I was newer to the friend group and haven’t met anyone yet while Bryan already knew all the other friends that were going to be there. I met up with my friend and was shortly introduced to everyone and when it came to being introduced to Bryan, it was as soon as we locked eyes that we both felt butterflies. However, it turned out our mutual friend was also interested in me and Bryan respected that and actually tried helping him win me over but one night when we were all hanging out again, I told Bryan I didn’t share the same feelings for our friend and a few short days later Bryan asked for permission to ask me out and now we have been together for almost 7 years.
  • 3. How did the groom propose? We were fishing in a peaceful, secluded area off a dam in Pymatuning on a beautiful summer day when he popped the question.
  • RECEPTION VENUE: Gateway Clipper Fleet
  • COORDINATOR: Brittany Robertson and Gateway Clipper
  • TRANSPORTATION:Elite Coach Limousine
  • BRIDAL GOWN: One Enchanted Evening – Design: Morilee
  • OFFICIANT: Garret Bryar (family friend/pastor)
  • TUXES: Top Hat Tuxedo
  • BRIDESMAIDS DRESS: One Enchanted Evening – Design: Bill Levkoff
  • HAIR ARTIST: Pittsburgh Glam Team
  • MAKE-UP ARTIST: Pittsburgh Glam Team
  • BAND/DJ: through Gateway Clipper
  • CAKE ARTIST: Bella Christie and Lil Z’s Sweet Boutique
  • FLORIST: Valerie Brooks – Val’s Creative Touch
  • VIDEOGRAPHER: Brittany Robertson – BeBee Photography


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