May 21, 2021

Beautiful Pittsburgh Waterfall Ceremony | Rob + Deneisha | Springwood Conference Center

I still can not get over how beautiful this wedding was. I had no idea there was a waterfall ceremony location near Pittsburgh and I am in awe! When I was brought on as the photographer for Rob and Deneisha’s wedding day, I had come to the conclusion that I had actually gone to school with the groom, Rob and his sibling. (What a small world!) When I met Deneisha, she was very shy and not at all open to being the typical, photo happy, want – all – eyes – on – her Bride. However, I got on her level, stayed back and documented behind the scenes as she waited patiently for the ceremony to begin. She couldn’t boast enough how comfortable I made her feel during the whole day I was with her. I loved how involved they were with their children as well. They have such a beautiful family together and I am so happy for them and their marriage…

Congratulations Rob & Deneisha



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