Jun 5, 2021

Stunning + Grand Oakland Wedding| Mitchell + Allianna | Saint Paul Pittsburgh

  • 1. What was the venue, in what town and what was the couple’s name (first and new Last? Allianna & Mitchell -The after party was at our house The church is saint paul’s in oakland
  • 2. How did the couple meet? Steel cactus in shadyside
  • 3. Who proposed and how? Mitchell, at our apartment in lawrencville
  • 4. What was their first date? steel cactus
  • RECEPTION VENUE: our house
  • COORDINATOR: Megan Barone
  • TRANSPORTATION: quality limo
  • STATIONERY: minted
  • BRIDAL GOWN: BHLD and alexia maria
  • OFFICIANT: father joseph
  • TUXES: black tux
  • BRIDESMAIDS DRESS: lavender satin dresses
  • HAIR ARTIST: bloom beauty
  • BAND/DJ: rosanna-singer
  • CAKE ARTIST: sweet laurel
  • FLORIST: val
  • VIDEOGRAPHER: trey douyon



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