Aug 26, 2021

Gorgeous Riverview Chapel Wedding | Seth + Katie | Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

I never had the opportunity to meet Seth or Katie before their wedding day, besides a chat with the bride a couple times before to go over their day. However, I love the conversations we struck up about the similarities in style and love for the venue. It was an amazing small and intimate wedding that they shared with their closest friends and family and they beautifully incorporated their children as they walked down the aisle with their mother. They had a small indoor reception setup, with their ceremony set you right out the double doors, and field games outside for everyone to play. I loved how relaxing everything was and the most important aspect of their day was just being surrounded by loved ones as they said their vows and enjoyed each others company, especially after everyone being apart for so long last year.

Congratulations to you, Katie and Seth, and to your new family that has become one. I wish you all the best of love, health and happiness.



  • 1. What was the venue, in what town and what was the couple’s name (first and new Last?
  • Riverview Park Chapel Shelter in Pittsburgh. Bride is Katie Hyre and Groom is Seth Masley.
  • 2. How did the couple meet?
  • Online dating! He messaged first and asked for the first date.
  • 3. Who proposed and how?
  • Seth proposed on the same day that we went out looking at houses (and right before the pandemic truly began). He had a box wrapped inside a box inside a box, etc. and each one had a little clue on it where a symbol equaled a particular number. The last box had a decoder ring inside and the final, decoded message spelled out, “Stand up.” When Katie stood up, Seth read her the sweetest thing he had written about how they had met, their relationship so far, and how he felt about her. Then he pulled out the REAL ring and asked her to marry him. The best part is that the decoder ring almost didn’t happen. He had ordered it from Amazon and the delivery just kept not happening. He ended up calling Amazon and telling them why he HAD to have this stupid ring, so they sent someone out at 8 pm on a Saturday night to deliver this one, very specific package, just for him.
  • 4. What was their first date?
  • Katie’s online dating profile was pretty clear about what she did and didn’t like. She’s a jeans, burgers, and beer kind of girl, so that’s exactly what we did on our first date – dinner at Burgatory.
  • RECEPTION VENUE: Riverview Park Chapel Shelter
  • BRIDAL GOWN: Lulu’s
  • OFFICIANT: Groom’s Brother, Josh
  • TUXES: Groom’s clothes are from various places
  • HAIR ARTIST: Miranda at Philip Pelusi Robinson
  • MAKE-UP ARTIST: Miranda at Philip Pelusi Robinson
  • CAKE ARTIST: Priory Fine Pastries



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