Hey there, the name's Ashley. I'm a wild woman at heart, and there is nothing that I love more than a new adventure. My journey began long ago when I became a wife and mother, Working tirelessly around the clock, I lost myself and my self-confidence. let me tell you how long it took me to say, "I am beautiful." It took years to be at peace with my self-image. I have always struggled with my appearance. I have since realized how much I love what my body is capable of; the real beauty lies beneath any self-perceived flaw. Becoming a boudoir photographer, I bottled up my self-love journey, and I want to share it with everyone. I understand the pain of not feeling comfortable in your own skin. But let me tell you how awesome it feels once you find self-acceptance and freedom. A newly found freedom and peace brings such refreshment to our everyday life. I want every woman to feel that liberation from self-doubt. Let me be your guide to your new beginning.

Through my past struggles with confidence, I know what it is like to walk in your shoes. Trash your negative thoughts. With me, I want you to celebrate who you are. I provide a no-judgment zone where you can let go and have fun. Think you are not good enough? I think you are perfect just the way you are. Have some fun at the studio, and leave your worries at the door!

Why Ashwood?

Boudoir is a very intimate genre of photography. The whole process might seem nerve-racking, but here at Ashwood, you are more than just a pretty picture. Your nervousness will disappear, and you will transform into a stunner. Feeling beautiful from the inside is what it is all about.


Boudoir sessions can be held at my studio, your home and even in hotel rooms and B & B's. You can be photographed any way that you feel comfortable. Fully covered in big sweaters, short shorts, knee high socks, teddys, bra & panties, topless or fully nude. I leave it all up to you and will get to know what you like over our phone chat and questionnaires



> Your Experience takes place at my studio, located in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, PA at 11am (varying times accepted upon request)
> Professional hair and makeup, is done by one of our amazing artists. This takes 45min -1 ½ hours.
> As you are getting dolled up, you will be pampered with your favorite wine, or beverage of your choice, along with a yummy snack, and your favorite music playing in the background.
>The experience is 1.5 - 2 hours, with 3-4 outfit changes. 
It is OKAY if you did not bring that many outfits, you will also have full access to our client closet!
>Options include our bed Sheet set, peacock chair set, Blue velvet settee set, clawfoot tub set, green velvet bench set and our replicated shower set.
>We will end your session with an empowering wet T-shirt set (tank-top provided by us)
>After booking your shoot, be sure to check your email, as we will send you multiple guides to help you fully prepare for the day of your session.

How Does This All Work?

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You will arrive at our studio at 11am and will immediately start hair and makeup. I will stay and chat for a little bit, get to know you a little more, joke around with you and find out what your expectations are for the day. Then we will take a look at what you brought, and coordinate your outfits for the Experience.
Then the fun begins!!! And do not worry about a thing, while we understand nerves are a huge part of this Experience, they will melt away in no time! You do not need to come in and stress about posing, or even how to breathe. I will go over all of that at the beginning of your session and will guide you throughout the session, from your head, all the way to your toes! I will even show you how to pose!
Once the fun is over, I send you off for a lunch and begin editing your images for an hour. When you come back, we go through your images and pick out the best ones from your session. This is the hard part!! We love them all!
After final enhancements have been done, we will begin your reveal. This is the best part of the whole experience!! You finally get to see yourself in a way you forgot. We love watching you sit there, while going through the slideshow, and go “Oh my gosh! Is that really ME?”
After your initial slideshow, I will help you select your final images and help you build your album, or select images for wall art.
*Payment plans available upon request.


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Session fee includes:
> 5 hours in the studio
> Professional hair & makeup
> Access to client wardrobe
> Multiple Sets
> on site editing
> lunch
> goodie bag
>snacks & drinks
$400 + tax
*Does not include products - payment plans available upon request

Average Client product Purchase is 

Collections include X amount of digital images and a book or an album. 
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Alicia L. 2021

LADIES DO THIS! DO IT FOR YOU!!! I'm extremely self conscious of my body especially my mom belly. Ashley made me completely comfortable and when I received my album I was blown away how nice it all looked. I got a canvas as well for our bedroom and it's gorgeous 😍 Sean loved them as well of course. But honestly I liked the body confidence it gave me. Now that I'm expecting I know my body will be different from then (did with each one) so now we can look back on them too. Don't let the fear hold you back. Promise you won't be disappointed 

Kelly W 2021

Ditto to what Alicia said. I’ve been wanting to do a session for years to gift to my husband, but I’d always use to excuse “when I get in shape”. Finally I said “eff it” and did it. Seeing my photos was such a boost in self esteem and my husband loved them. And Ashley made me feel so comfortable taking them!

Shana K 2021

Ladies I just got home from my shoot and when I tell you I had an Amazing time I mean it!! Thank you so much!! Btw First BBW SHOOT!

Kelly S 2021

I had my boudoir shoot with Ashley today! It was such a blast! We had so much fun while shooting and the pictures turned out amazing!!! I'm having trouble picking which pics I want. Ashley made me feel so at ease. I felt confident and sexy as f*ck! 
Thank you so much Ashley for an awesome experience!

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